In 1928 a Toy Trading Company was born in Hong Kong with a mission to manufacture toy products incorporating the highest quality and safety standards. Throughout the years growth was established by reliability, consistency, and nurtured business relationships. This 3rd generation family business continues strongly today.

Hurricane Toys was established in 2002 as a separate entity that provides original, in-house created products for retail distribution. Our mission is to capitalize on our design and manufacturing expertise by offering toys with tremendous quality and value to consumers through established retail outlets around the world.

At Hurricane Toys we are working hard to develop creative and innovative product ideas into safe and exciting toys for children of all ages. Our in-house staff of product designers possess many years of experience and a wealth of talent. The sales and marketing team at Hurricane Toys are toy industry veterans and have created a strategic plan to achieve our global distribution goals.

Of course, toy safety has always been a non-negotiable element of our product line as it is also a vital concern in today's marketplace. Hurricane Toys will always maintain extraordinary safety standards from the time of each products inception to the period of play in the hands of a child. All of our products are tested to accepted ASTM and EN71standards, we conduct additional random testing and audits during production, and we constantly stay aware of the latest news and information regarding product safety. Any questions regarding the Hurricane Toys Safety Program can be directed to our Product Safety Department at

Thank you for visiting our website and for supporting our line of unique and enjoyable toys.


Hurricane Toys Ltd.